Plan more intelligently

Leverage Grow Mobile's proprietary Media Planner and Intelligence Directory™ tools to cut through the fragmented app promotion ecosystem and generate traffic source recommendations tailored to your advertising objectives.

Buy in one interface

Don't waste your time signing multiple IO's and setting up your campaigns one by one. Scale your campaigns across ad networks, exchanges, and direct publishers in minutes using Grow's self-service campaign wizard.

The Grow Mobile dashboard serves as your single point of billing, so your finance team will love you.

Track and Attribute accurately

Access all of Grow Mobile's traffic sources with a single SDK or API integration. Use Grow Mobile to track and attribute impressions, clicks, installs, and post install revenue and engagement metrics to the correct traffic source.

Want to compare the performance of your paid campaigns to cross promotion or other direct deals? You can quickly add your own traffic sources to the Grow Mobile dashboard and track their performance.

Preferred 3rd Party Tracking Partner

Optimize and Improve Your ROI

Fine-tune your campaigns using Grow Mobile’s industry-leading post-install analytics, covering predictive lifetime value estimates, cohort-based monetization, retention, custom events, geographic and device breakdowns, and more. Syndicate bid and budget changes through the dashboard, so you don’t have to waste your time with one-off emails and phone calls!

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